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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

$Id: ChangeLog 10440 2007-06-15 17:25:23Z lem9 $
$HeadURL: $ (2007-06-15)

+ [data] display all warnings, not only last one
- typo in fix for bug #1671813
- bug #1714908 Inserted Row Count is wrong
- bug #1712570 Deleting last record freezes
- bug #1717339 Missing header when deleting a checked column,
  thanks to Michael Keck
- bug #1717477 Warning on Query page when db is empty
- bug #1721002 db rename -> undefined cfgRelation, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #1721571 CREATE database privilege not always detected,
  thanks to Gordon McNaughton
- bug #1715709 export in SQL format always includes procedures and functions
- bug #1722502 DROP TABLE in export view structure
- bug #1718787 Multi-server setup breaks Designer
- bug #1724401 Column truncation in repair table output
- patch #1726500 Wrong position of </tbody>, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #1728590 Detected failing session_start fails, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- RFE #1714760 Obey ShowCreateDb on the Databases tab
- patch #1733762 Typo in message "INSERT DELAY", thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #1730171 Dead message strLanguageFileNotFound, thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #1731280 Avoid negative exponent in gmp_pow(), thanks to anosek (2007-04-23)

- bug #1541147 [js] '#' in database names not correctly handled by queywindow.js
- bug #1671403 [parser] using "client" as table name
- bug #1672379 [core] Call to undefined function PMA_removeCookie()
- bug [core] undefined variable in libraries/
- bug [gui] query window icon did not work, thanks to Jürgen Wind
. [general] use PMA_getenv('PHP_SELF')
- bug #1676033 [core] pow(int,int) causes overflow
- bug #1680952 [core] undefined function PMA_getUvaCondition() 
- bug #1596328 [export] drop support for POSTGRESQL compatibility mode
- bug #1609443 [privileges] Grant all priv. on wildcard name (fix message)
- bug #1567317 [sqp] Syntax highlighter: extra spaces
- bug #1239401 [sqp] table dot numeric field name
- bug #1672789 [sqp] Undefined offset: 4 in sqlparser.lib.php #1674
- bug #1682044 [export] Export file even if file not selected
- bug #1664212 querywindow loses url encoded characters
- replaced ctype_digit() with is_numeric()
+ [config] clean cookies on phpMyAdmin upgrade
- bug #1674972 [export] no export with %afm%
- bug #1667887 HTML maxlength
- bug #1679055 #1050 - Table '<table name>' already exists
- patch #1681620 [interface] support reordering of $cfg['ColumnTypes'],
  thanks to Leonard den Ottolander
- bug #1690718 Can't edit if BLOB and no PK
- bug #1672636 [export] PDF export too wide 
+ [lang] brazilian-portuguese update, thanks to Airon Luis Pereira  
- patch #1698964 javascript typo, thanks to Corey Hollaway
- bug #1703897 [css] undefined index 'js_frame' 
- bug #1690561 Blobs being cleared on Edit of row
- bug #1679801 [core] XSS vulnerability in PMA_sanitize(), thanks to sp3x SecurityReason
- bug #1704467 XSS vulnerability in browse_foreigners.php, thanks to sp3x SecurityReason (2007-03-02)

+ bug #1671813 CVE-2006-1549 deep recursion crash (2007-03-01)

. [config] set $cfg['Servers'][$i]['ssl'] default value to false,
   we got reports from some users having problems with the default value of true (2007-02-28)

- bug #1659176 [general] memory error displaying a table with large BLOBs
- bug #1668662 [install] can create the new pma_designer_coords table
+ [gui] navi logo now links to main page by default, with still the possibility
  of having an external URL

2007-02-25 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/common.lib.php: bug #1667466, undefined variable when
      export + save on server
    * server_status.php: bug #1665930, undefined PHP_SELF

2007-02-24 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/config.default.php: RFE #1621437, HEX and UNHEX were not
      available for a BINARY field

2007-02-21 Marc Delisle
    * pmd/scripts/move.js: bug #1650770, Designer and Mac OSX,
      thanks to Ivan Kirillov

2007-02-17 Marc Delisle
    * Documentation.html: patch #1659347, missing doc for some config,
     thanks to Isaac Bennetch
    * libraries/export/sql.php: bug #1663336, undefined variable

2007-02-16 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/common.lib.php, avoid generating big links
      after an upload into a BLOB

2007-02-14 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/common.lib.php: white page after uploading a 700 Kio BLOB
    * add a warning on main page if mcrypt can't be loaded (bug #1658160)

2007-02-12 Sebastian Mendel
    * libraries/database_interface.lib.php: bug #1616486 server_databases does
      not show all databases
    * libraries/ MySQL function and column names, reserved
      and forbidden words updated,
      bug #1657045 Spatial functions not supported
      bug #1657037 Missing column type "geometry"

2007-02-11 Marc Delisle
    * main.php: some links should open a new page
    * Documentation.html, libraries/,
      libraries/config.default.php: $cfg['LeftLogoLinkWindow'] to decide
      in which window the logo-linked page will appear
    ### 2.10.0-rc1 released

2007-02-10 Marc Delisle
    * lang/spanish update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza

2007-02-09 Marc Delisle
    * themes/darkblue_orange/img/logo_left.png,
      themes/original/img/logo_left.png: smaller PMA logo for navi

2007-02-08 Sebastian Mendel
    * themes/*/css/theme_right.css.php: bug #1653769 browsing highlight disabling
      doesn't work

2007-02-06 Sebastian Mendel
    * pmd_general.php, pmd_pdf.php, pmd_save_pos.php: fixed short open tags
      patch #1652886 thanks to Martin Thielecke
    * tbl_change.php: fixed escaping of field names in HTML and JavaScript
    * libraries/common.lib.php: PMA_backquote() did not quote 0
    * tbl_change.php: bug #1652810 - slashes are not escaped properly

2007-02-05 Marc Delisle
    * lang/japanese: Update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi.

2007-02-05 Sebastian Mendel
    * lang/german: updated

2007-02-03 Marc Delisle
    * pmd/scripts/move.js: display problems in Opera, thanks to Maxim Bulygin

2007-02-02 Marc Delisle
    * tbl_replace.php: Calendar icon does not work on "Insert another new row"

2007-02-01 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/import.lib.php: bug #1626064, too much quoting on import

2007-02-01 Sebastian Mendel
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug #1644740 - $cfg['Order'] = 'SMART'
    * libraries/Theme.class.php: removed __wakeup() due to some requirements are
      not fulfilled at this point - also thanks to Jürgen Wind

2007-01-31 Sebastian Mendel
    * libraries/
      bug #1630871 - Detecting a missing write permission on sessions directory

2007-01-30 Sebastian Mendel
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php PMA_SQP_analyze():
      bug #1647785 - do not pass variables by reference

2007-01-29 Marc Delisle
    * lang/catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
    * pmd_general.php: possibility of quotes in Designer messages,
      thanks to Ivan Kirillov
    ### 2.10.0-beta1 released from QA_2_10

2007-01-26 Michal Čihař
    * libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/js_escape.lib.php,
      test/escape_js_string.php, test/core.lib.php: Move java script escaping
      to separate library, make it safer on </script> escaping and add
      testcase for it.
    * test/theme.php: Move to test package.

2007-01-22 Marc Delisle
    * pmd/*: button for direct/angular links, thanks to Ivan Kirillov

2007-01-22 Michal Čihař
    * lang/czech: Updated.

2007-01-21 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/Table.class.php: on a MySQL 5.0.33 server with 4400 databases,
      one of which having 400 tables, it took more than 3 minutes just to
      see the database structure (some accesses to INFORMATION_SCHEMA are
      just too slow) so I changed PMA_Table::isView() to avoid calling

2007-01-20 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: bug #1638267, wrong reserved word
    * server_privileges.php: bug #1635377, superfluous backslash,
      thanks to Hanut

2007-01-19 Marc Delisle
    * pmd*, lang/*: Designer now supports set/unset of the display field,
      thanks to Ivan Kirillov

2007-01-18 Michal Čihař
    * lang/czech: Updated.
    * libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php: Make server switching honour more
      server settings (patch #1630104).

2007-01-17 Marc Delisle
    * lang/turkish: update, thanks to Burak Yavuz

2007-01-16 Marc Delisle
    ### 2.9.2 released from QA_2_9

2007-01-12 Marc Delisle
    * (many files): Designer, two features (snap to grid / display field)
      thanks to Ivan Kirillov
    * libraries/Theme_Manager.class.php: patch #1611684, force a change
      of a session variable to avoid phpmyadmin.css.php caching problems,
      thanks to Christian Schmidt

2007-01-11 Marc Delisle
    * lang/estonian: Update, thanks to Marko Ellermaa

2007-01-09 Michal Čihař
    * index.php: Properly escape strings written in JS code.
    * libraries/Theme_Manager.class.php: Avoid trigger error here, parameter
      comes from user and it might lead to path disclossure.
    * libraries/common.lib.php:
        - Properly escape </script> in JS code.
        - Check db, table and sql_query params to be string.

2007-01-08 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/ prevent attack on session name cookie

2007-01-05 Marc Delisle
    * libraries/ bug #1538132, remove the setting of
      session.save_handler to 'files'
    * pmd_general.php: patch #1627831,
      English language improvements, thanks to Isaac Bennetch
    * pmd_general.php, pmd_relation_new.php, lang/*: abstract messages 

2007-01-04 Marc Delisle
    * pmd/scripts/move.js: avoid text selection when moving a table object
      under MSIE 6, thanks to Ivan Kirillov
    * libraries/ better icon for Designer, thanks to I.K.

2007-01-02 Marc Delisle
    * Designer: various fixes and improvements (for example support
      for MSIE 6), thanks to Ivan Kirillov
    * pdf_pages.php: undefined $pdf_page_number when no auto layout
    * server_privileges.php: bug #1614087, deleting a user having a
      global GRANT privilege fails under MySQL 4.1.x

2007-01-02 Michal Čihař
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Add <div> to allow selecting whole SQL by
      tripple click (patch #1611591).
    * libraries/export/sql.php: DELIMITER should not be commented out (bug #1612870).

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